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Byrne, D., Lydon, S., Madden, c., O'Dowd, E., Boland, J., O'Connor P.
The Development of Entrustable Professional Activities for the Irish Intern Year
NUI Galway
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Entrustable Professional Activities
There have been significant reforms in intern training in Ireland over the last decade to bring about improvements for the benefit of trainees, health services and ultimately the public. Activities undertaken by the Medical Council to review the current status of intern training have confirmed that the improvements are positively perceived by stakeholders. The review, however, also identified some aspects of intern training which would now benefit from further development (Medical Council, 2014). One such development is an outcomes based approach to intern training in Ireland, using an Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) organising framework to delineate what interns are expected to achieve at the end of Internship.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy