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Scriver, Stacey; Duvvury, Nata; O'Regan, Fiona
Gender Based Violence in Kenya: Analysis of Baseline Survey and Focus Group Discussions
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Analysis of Baseline Survey and Focus Group Discussions for Trocaire Gender Based Violence Survey in Kenya, 2010.
This report details the final analysis of the community baseline survey and focus group discussions undertaken as part of Trocaire’s Gender Based Violence study in Kenya. The survey and focus group discussions provide knowledge of current views and attitudes on gender based violence, knowledge of laws on GBV, help-seeking sources, barriers to help and the prevalence of GBV among the community and among specific target groups (chiefs, police officers, etc.). The report provides both quantitative, statistical analysis of the data that emerged from the baseline survey conducted by Trocaire in 2010 among the following provinces: Central, Eastern, Nairobi, Nyanza and Rift Valley, including analysis of the relationships between variables, as well as a qualitative analysis of focus group discussions conducted by field workers in Kenya.  The findings presented in this report thus play an essential part in ensuring programme design is targeted and consequently evaluated most effectively.
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Trocaire Ireland
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