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Helen Dodson
Design for Learning. Teaching and Learning Spaces in Higher Education
16th Annual Galway Symposium on Higher Education
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'Development of a multifunctional space for teaching and learning histology'. Helen Dodson Anatomy, School of Medicine, NUIG In the Discipline of Anatomy we are developing a multi-functional teaching and learning space in the newly opened Human Biology Building. The principle use of this space is as a histology teaching laboratory where we have microscopes and computers and also space for students to use their own devices. Histology teaching and leaning is achieved through a combination of individual hands-on experience with a microscope and by using virtual microscopy where slides have been digitised and can be explored via web browser interfaces. Some microscopes are equipped with digital cameras so that images can be captured by a small group of students for discussion and presentation, both approaches greatly enhance the learning of histology. The room is also equipped with projectors, so it is useful for pre-lab talks and for whole classroom demonstrations during a lab session. Over the past two semesters the space has been used by both science and medical students; we are finding that it not only serves the original lab purpose, but is also useful for student presentations, small group teaching sessions and as a space for final year undergraduate project students to work. Participants will learn how we are using a teaching and learning space in the new Human Biology Building and how traditional microscopy and virtual microscopy can be integrated in histology teaching.
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