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Twomey, C., Loughnane, R., Loughnane, A.
ICEP 2018
Conference on Engaging Pedagogy
Invited Lecture
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The purpose of this research paper is to develop a pedagogy for the effective of use of specialised 3D simulation modelling algorithms to encourage the development of critical thinking and problem solving in relation to the analysis of Big Data with third level business students. We developed a number of such 3D simulation modelling algorithms using Microsoft Excel which we form the basis of in-class experiments with a cohort of third-level business students in Galway, Ireland. These will focus primarily on a number of fundamental issues in in economics, finance, and business data analytics. We will employ standard quantitative techiques to analyse student understanding of these threshold concepts before and after our intervention to gauge the effectiveness of this innovative pedagogical approach. We expect that our findings will demonstrate that when the students are taught through exposure to the 3D simulation algorithms their critical thinking and problem solving skills are enhanced and that their test results will reinforce this enhanced learning. Furthermore, this study will show that allowing the students to experiment with the 3D algorithms encouraged higher order critical thinking and problem solving. We feel that the findings in this study will be of interest to educationalists in all disciplines.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences