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Maura Farrell
Rural Volunteerism: Impacting Development and Sustainability
Volunteer Ireland
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Rural Volunteerism
Rural Ireland has witnessed dramatic changes in the last number of decades. Some areas have faced population decline, the depletion of services and emigration of young people, while other regions have witnessed a rapid rebound from the demise of the Celtic Tiger and are experiencing economic growth in line with advancing urban centres. One aspect of rural life that remains unwavering, irrespective of decline or growth, is the contribution and impact of rural voluntary work. On a consistent basis, tangible and quantifiable enhancements are made to the quality of life of rural inhabitants as a result of voluntary activity carried out in rural villages, towns and peripheral areas throughout Ireland. From GAA participation to ‘Meals on Wheels’, rural residents give of their time, energy and efforts for the betterment of their fellow citizens and their community.
Explores the impact of volunteerism on the development and sustainability of rural Ireland
Farrell, M
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