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D. Carey
2018 July
Shaping Enlightenment Politics: The Social and Political Impact of the First and Third Earls of Shaftesbury
Shaftesbury and Locke: A Tale of Three Letters
Peter Lang
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John Locke, third Earl of Shaftesbury, Essay concerning Human Understanding
My purpose in this essay is to revisit the relationship between Shaftesbury and Locke, using Shaftesbury’s letters to his mentor as a guide. I suggest that some of the rhetorical dexterity that constitutes so marked a feature of Shaftesbury’s published work – his highly deflected style, routed through irony, multiple voices, and ostensible disclosures followed by wry denials – may have been shaped by his early encounters with Locke, who required explicit and defensible statements of position by his protégé and then evidently subjected them to careful and rigorous scrutiny.
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