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Omerdic, E., Toal, D., Wallace, J., Ibrahimovic, I., Funnell, C., Grehan, A.
Marine Monitoring Platforms: Paradigms for Development in Ireland
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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The objective of this study is to provide the Marine Institute and other readers with the information required to make judicious decisions that concern investment in R&D in marine platform technology over the next 10 years. The study is aimed at presenting a brief summary of the challenges of observing the ocean environment, at describing state-of-the-art in marine platforms, at providing a vision of platform technology in 2021 and beyond, at exploiting the opportunities in the Irish context and at providing conclusions and recommendations for the Marine Institute regarding future treatment and investments in marine platforms.
10: 1-4438-1356-7
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