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P Dillon and W. Moody and R. Bartlett and P. Scully and R. Morgan and C. James
Sensing the fabric: To simulate sensation through sensory evaluation and in response to standard acceptable properties of specific materials when viewed as a digital image.
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Volume 2058/-1
This paper describes initial investigations, primarily from a textile and the related industries perspective, in developing and refining current fabric/texture simulation and interface design. We have considered the interactive possibilities of fabrics within a virtual environment using a simple haptic device, a commercially viable computer peripheral - Logitech?s Wingman Mouse, which was developed by the Immersion Corporation for two dimensional (2D) exploration for the Games industry and desktop web navigation. Also, however because a majority of computer users are accustomed to using a mouse. The Wingman already has the facility to set up some simple mechanical variables to represent some of the more obvious tactile impressions in fabrics, e.g. denim for its overall roughness, and corduroy for its repetitive bumps. The results and issues involved are discussed in this paper.
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