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Rogers S, Shaw I, Ross N, Nair V, Rothwell L, Kaufman J, Kaiser P
Analysis of part of the chicken Rfp-Y region reveals two novel lectin genes, the first complete genomic sequence of a class I alpha-chain gene, a truncated class II beta-chain gene, and a large CR1 repeat.
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The Rfp-Y region lies on the same microchromosome as the B-F/B-L region of the B complex, yet in contrast to the latter it is poorly characterised. To date it has been shown to contain at least two class I alpha-chain ( Y-F) genes, a class II B-chain gene and a C-type lectin-like gene. We describe the sequencing and analysis of some 20 kb of the Rfp-Y region, and identify several new genes. These include two novel C-type lectin-like genes ( Y-Lec1 and Y-Lec2) that differ strongly from the previously described C-type lectin-like gene found in the Rfp-Y region. We describe a complete genomic sequence of a class I alpha-chain ( Y-F) gene and its promoter from the Rfp-Y region. The predicted cDNA from this gene has high homology to the previously reported Y-F cDNAs. The promoter contains an altered enhancer A element. This portion of the Rfp-Y region also contains a truncated class II B-chain ( Y-LB) gene, as well as a large chicken repeat 1 (CR1) element.
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