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Khoo S.
Multilateralism and Interdependence: Prospects and Challenges
Rethinking the international order - towards the zeroth generation of human rights
Royal Irish Academy, Dublin
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This article revisits the idea of the three generations of human rights in a new context where each generation of rights has become inverted or eviscerated, as substantive human rights are hollowed out by the operations of transnational capital. This shift compromises basic assumptions underpinning each ‘generation’ of human rights, driving the subject of rights towards ‘Stark Utopia’, Karl Polanyi’s term for unequalizing market globalization, and its extreme and consequential effects. The current critiques of human rights liberalism coincide with possible collapse of the basic ‘floor’ of assumptions underpinning human rights universalism. Repeated retrogression of human rights laws, norms and values render the ambition of progressive realization less and less achievable as baseline standards are eroded. This article frames current human rights retrogressions in a broader posthuman imaginary.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context