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Maloney, M. and McCarthy, A.
NERI Conference
Evaluating the impact of DC (defined contribution scheme structure and communication policies using a bounded rationality framework
University of Limerick
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This paper applies concepts from bounded rationality theory to develop an integrative model to understand how pension scheme structure and pension scheme communication impact pension participation and contribution rates at the organizational level. The model suggests that pension structure and communication framing effects used by employers impact employee pension outcomes. Organizational pension policies affect employee pension outcomes by either endorsing System 1 (intuitive or automatic) cognitive judgments or challenging System 1 judgments and triggering a response from System 2 (reasoned or reflective). The model suggests that defaults lead ‘passive’ or intuitive decisions. However, pension choice architects who understand the impact of heuristics on employee pension decision making can devise pension communication policies that provide information that is tailored, relevant and accessible, challenging System 2 to override the unreflective and inappropriate choices of System 1. The paper sets out a number of personal, socio-economic and employment characteristics that impact System 2 pension decision-making. It concludes that automatic enrolment, without an effective communication strategy, will lead to poor pension outcomes for many employees.
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