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Freiwald, A., Fosså, J.H., Grehan, A., Koslow, T., Roberts, J.M.
Cold water corals: out of sight - no longer out of mind
Cambridge, UK.
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This document has been produced by a team of international experts, with the support of the Governments of Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom as well as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It presents a comprehensive and up-to-date compilation of information and data on marine cold-water coral reefs from around the world. Recent underwater studies have shown the beauty and diversity of cold- water coral reefs, which are comparable in their size and complex structure to the warm-water coral reefs of the tropics. Cold-water coral reefs, Out of sight – no longer out of mind describes the various cold-water coral ecosystems and associations together with their known and potential worldwide geographical distribution. Case studies and observations from several locations illustrate the state of these reefs and highlight their vulnerability to threats caused by human activities, which have already destroyed or affected a large number of cold-water coral reefs. Cold-water coral reefs, Out of sight – no longer out of mind aims to raise the awareness of decision makers and industrial and environmental stakeholders about cold-water coral reefs. It provides managers as well as national and international policy makers with a set of expert recommendations for the concerted and urgent action that needs to be taken in the conservation, protection and sustainable management of these fascinating, beautiful but fragile ecosystems.
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UNEP-WCMC Biodiversity Series No 22
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