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John Canavan and Fergal Landy
A Formative Evaluation of the Jobstown Alternative Response Model (ARM)
Child and Family research Centre
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child protection family support alternative response differential response inter-agency working
This study has shown that achieving integrated working in children’s services through close inter-agency cooperation can potentially be fraught with difficulty. However, it is possible to make substantial gains when there is strong leadership in place and a commitment by a range of relevant agencies to work towards a shared purpose. The study has confirmed that the fields of child protection and welfare work, and social work assessment are complex, and that developing a common language or achieving consensus on the precise meaning of key terms is not a straightforward matter. It has shown that mutual understanding can be enhanced in an environment where power differentials are openly acknowledged, and relationships of trust and open channels of communication exist between professionals and organisations. This reflects the importance of inter-personal and inter-organisational relations based on trust, openness and honesty.  As a result there was a shared sense of ownership and partnership amongst most of the participants in the ARM.  The study has drawn attention to the unique landscape of children’s services in Ireland whereby a rich variety of voluntary providers coexist with a range of statutory providers. It has shown how policy such as the Agenda for Children’s Services and governance structures such as SDCSC can provide a framework to bring cohesion to these types of groupings, and change how services are delivered to children and families on the ground. As a result of this initiative, 18 families in Jobstown were offered a substantially different service than they otherwise would have been. They received a coordinated inter-agency response in a timely manner. The Jobstown ARM is a successful example of localised response to need through service innovation. As outlined in the findings, participation in the Jobstown ARM has generally been a positive experience for all the agencies and has provided a focal-point for shared learning and development, and interesting and fruitful challenges were encountered along the way. 
An evaluation of a the Jobstown Alternative Response Model in South Dublin
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