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Neuhaus, Kai,O'Gorman, Seán,McNamara, Paul M.,Alexandrov, Sergey A.,Hogan, Josh,Wilson, Carol,Leahy, Martin J.
Simultaneous en-face imaging of multiple layers with multiple reference optical coherence tomography
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A technique based on multiple reference optical coherence tomography (MR-OCT) is proposed for simultaneous imaging at multiple depths. The technique has been validated by imaging a reference sample and a fingerprint in-vivo. The principle of scanning multiple selected layers is shown by imaging a partial fingerprint with 200×200×200 voxels of 3×3×0.5 mm size and obtaining an arbitrary amount of layers merely by digital processing. The spacing among the layers can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the SNR roll-off is shown for three different spacings. At a mirror scan frequency of 1 kHz and an A-line rate of 2 kHz, the acquisition time was 20 s for one volume. The results show the feasibility of the application of layer scanning MR-OCT that uses a partial mirror in the reference arm of the Michelson interferometer. The reduced scan range required for layer scanning allows even higher scan rates that are limited only by the voice coil design and the mass-spring system, e.g., mirror mass, spring constant, and damping.
1083-3668, 1560-2281
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