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Felix Ó Murchadha
Philosophy Today
The Passion of Grace: Love, Beauty and the Theological Re-Turn
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Grace, Pure Nature, Passion, Kant, Descartes, Self, Phenomenology, Desire, Love, Marion.
This paper shows how turns in theology in early Modernity and in the last century framed the context of distinct philosophical understandings of the self. Focusing on the concept of “pure nature”, the foreshadowing of philosophical themes in theology is shown. It is further argued that while the modern self emerging from certain early Modern theological discourses from Suárez, through Descartes to Kant was deeply implicated in Stoic apatheia, the self which arises from a phenomenological rethinking (especially in Marion) of the place of love and beauty in the worldiness of being and appearance is one which is fundamentally passionate. At play here is a shift in the notion of will from that of sovereign indifference to desire.
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