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Wallace, E.; de Chernatony, L.; Buil, I.
European Journal Of Marketing
Service employee clusters in banking: exploring Ind’s typology considering behaviour, commitment and attitude about leadership.
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Banking Employees Brand Champions Cluster Analysis
Purpose - Ind (2004) suggests front line employees can be segmented according to their level of brand-supporting performance. His employee typology has not been empirically tested.  Our paper explores front line employee performance in retail banking, and profiles employee types. Design/Methodology - Attitudinal and demographic data from a sample of 404 front line service employees in a leading Irish bank informs a typology of service employees. Findings – Champions, Outsiders and Disruptors exist within retail banking.  We provide an employee profile for each employee type. We found Champions amongst males, and older employees.  The highest proportion of female employees surveyed were Outsiders.  Disruptors were more likely to complain, and rated their performance lower than any other employee type.  Contrary to extant literature, Disruptors were more likely to hold a permanent contract than other employee types. Originality/Value – We augment the literature by providing insights about the profile of three employee types: Brand Champions, Outsiders and Disruptors.  Moreover, we postulate the influence of leadership and commitment on each employee type.  The cluster profiles raise important questions for hiring, training and rewarding front line banking employees.  We also provide guidelines for managers to encourage Champions, and curtail Disruptors.
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Research Development Initiative, Strand 2 (Ref: RCS 258)
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