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Khoo, S.
School of Political Science and Sociology Research Publication Seminar
Sustainable Development or the Right to a Healthy Environment? After ‘development’, at the limits of humanity and in the endtimes of human rights
NUI Galway
Invited Lecture
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This paper assesses the possibilities of the so-called ‘environmental rights revolution’ (Boyd 2012; Knox 2012) in a context that is theoretically ‘post-development’, market-friendly and characterized by human rights backlashes (Vinjamuri 2017). Human rights talk is ‘everywhere’, and yet human rights-based approaches remain elusive in practical terms, failing to become specifically embedded in an actionable ‘somewhere’ (Brolan et al 2015). Rhetorical ubiquity in the absence of clear substantiation, and critiques of human rights failures lead sceptics to call for the end of the human rights project, ‘with a big H’ (Hopgood 2014). Do such arguments also herald a premature demise for ‘third generation’ solidarity rights such as the right to a healthy environment, the right to development, minority protections and the right to peace? This paper continues to argue for the post-1990 project of recovering rights indivisibility, reuniting the three ‘generations’ of rights that were historically fragmented, hierarchically ordered and traded-off
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context