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Veronica McCauley, Kevin Davison, Christine Domegan and Billy McClune
Public Engagement with Science. First All-Island Conference on STEM Outreach.
Conference Co-Organiser: The research within these series of STEM conferences involved collecting data at successive themed conferences on science communication outreach.
National University of Ireland, Galway
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Speakers: Peter Brabazon (Director of DSE); Prof. Steve Miller (UCL); Dr. Billy McClune (QUB); Dr. Gemma Irvine (HEA); Dr. Betsy Keath (SFI); Emma McKenna & Eileen Martin (Science Shop, QUB); Dr. Catherine Buckley (TREO); Professor Jim Ward (NUIG); Prof. Gerard Hastings (Stirling University, UK); Brian Trench (DCU); Martin Hynes IRCSET; Margie McCarthy, STEPS; Aidan Kane (CISC, NUIG); Dr. Jim Ryan (Circa); Prof. Matin Henry/Dr. Paul van Kampen/Dr. Odilla Finlayson (CASTEL); Prof. Gerard Hastings (Stirling University); Jane Jerry (Exploration Station) & James Stewart (W5, NI)
CISC, SCoTENS; Forfás and NUIG Millennium Fund
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