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Veronica McCauley, Kevin Davison and Christine Domegan
Evaluating Science in Society: International Perspectices & Experiences. Second Annual STEM Outreach Conference.
Conference Co-Organiser: The research within these series of STEM conferences involved collecting data at successive themed conferences on science communication outreach.
Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
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Speakers:  Professor Svein Sjøberg (Science Education, University of Oslo, Norway); Dr. Joe Cullen (The Tavistock Institute, UK); Dr. Sally Montgomery (W5, Belfast); Dr. Christine Domegan (Dept of Marketing, NUI G) and Dr. Kevin Davison (Dept of Education, NUI G); Brian Trench (DCU) and Dr. John Denari (IRCSET)
STEPS – Engineers Ireland, NUIG and Discover Science and Engineering
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