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Dolan, M., McCabe, B., Henry, T., Murray, J., Daly, E., Fleming, M., Hickey, C.
Irish Geological Research Meeting 2018
Annual meeting of geoscience researchers, academics and students
UCC, Cork
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Significant,sediment-filled valleys were discovered during the site investigation for the N6 Galway City Outer-bypass and these will be incorporated into the design of the roadway, specifically for exploitation by one or more tunnels (Fig.1). In this project these valleys will be investigated. One aim is to better understand the hydrological/hydrogeological and sedimentological characteristics of the unconsolidated material filling these erosional features. Additional aims are to determine how these features developed and the age of the unconsolidated material filling them. Furthermore, detailed geological mapping of the outcropping Visťan limestones (currently mapped as undifferentiated) will be completed to examine the degree of lithostratigraphic equivalence between these limestones and the Burren limestones of south Galway/northClare.
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