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Houston, A,Mulkerrin, EC,O'Keeffe, ST
European Geriatric Medicine
The de-alzheimerisation of dementia? An analysis of internet searches
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Dementia Alzheimer's disease Internet searches Public attitudes SURVEILLANCE WEB
Purpose Alzheimer's disease is often seen by the public as synonymous with dementia but this may have changed in recent years.Methods We used Google Trends to examine the relative volume of internet searches from 2004 to July 2017 for the terms 'dementia' and 'Alzheimer' in English-speaking countries. For each country, a linear regression model was fitted for each search term and the slopes of the lines were compared.Results The slopes (standard error) for 'dementia' and 'Alzheimer', respectively, were: Australia-0.26 (0.02) and - 001 (0.002); Canada-0.23 (0.01) and 0.004 (0.01); Ireland: 0.33 (0.02) and - 0.04 (0.01); United Kingdom-0.36 (0.01) and 0.01 (0.001); and United States-0.23 (0.01) and - 0.01 (0.004). Differences between slopes were all significant at p < 0.001.Conclusions In all countries, there was a large increase over time in relative search volumes for 'dementia' and a flat or negative trend in searches for 'Alzheimer'.
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