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Ó hIfearnáin, Tadhg
International Journal of the Sociology of Language
Institutional Breton language policy after language shift
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language plans; regional language policy; revitalization and regeneration; Breton
The last twenty years have seen a remarkable change in public and institutional support for Breton language promotion. Language activists who had previously resisted and opposed the actions of the French state are now to the fore in designing and implementing institutional language policies to promote Breton, particularly in schooling, adult learning, media, arts and the public space. Spolsky (2003) usefully distinguishes between policies aimed at “revitalization” in home language acquisition and usage (notably in educational policy) and “regeneration” in activities in wider society. This paper concentrates on the regeneration efforts exemplified by the Ya d'ar Brezhoneg program for local language plans, drawing on qualitative interview data from Breton language professionals and employees of Ofis ar Brezhoneg, the Region's Breton language promotion agency.
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