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Kennan, D.; Canavan, J; and Kearns; N
2017 Unknown
Youth as Architects of Social Change: Global Efforts to Advance Youth Driven Innovation
Fostering Social Innovation in Youth: Learning from a Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative in Ireland
Palgrave Macmillan
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Social Innovation Youth Youth Entrepreneurship
‘Wave Change’ was a youth social entrepreneurship initiative in Ireland, established to work directly with youth, aged 18-25, to develop the knowledge, skills and networks they needed to drive social change. Reflecting on the success of the Wave Change initiative, this chapter outlines the value of adopting a mixture of learning approaches that facilitate structured learning, peer-to-peer learning and project-based experiential learning. While the value of each of these individual learning approaches is outlined, the chapter demonstrates how operating together they create an environment to foster social innovation in youth, providing youth with the opportunity to acquire the requisite skill set to be engaged as architects of social change and to be part of a strong peer network of social entrepreneurs.
ISBN 978-3-319-66274-9
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