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Furjanic,M., Cooney, A., McCarthy B.
Nursing Older People
Nurses' knowledge of pain and its management in older people
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Older People, Nurses Knowledge, Pain
Aim To identify nurses' knowledge of pain and its management in older people in acute hospitals. Method A quantitative, descriptive, cross-sectional design was used to survey a convenience sample of nurses. Data were collected using the Pain in the Elderly Questionnaire. Results The overall mean total score on the questionnaire was 65%, with scores ranging from 7-100%. While there is no recommended score, results indicate lack of nurse knowledge. The four questions with the lowest percentage of correct scores were related to pharmacology. Less than 25% of nurses had recent pain management education. Conclusion These findings indicate a knowledge deficit among nurses regarding pain and its management in older people, particularly in relation to opioid management.
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