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O'Neill, C,McPolin, D,Taylor, SE,Martin, T,Harte, AM
Composite Structures
Glued-in basalt FRP rods under combined axial force and bending moment: An experimental study
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Glued-in rods have potential for use as moment-resisting connections in timber structures. There has been minimal research to date conducted on the performance of glued-in rods acting under both axial force and moment. The influence of increasing embedded length of the glued-in rod on the strength of the system was assessed using a pull-bending test which subjected the connection to this force combination. The longest length (600 mm) had a pull-out capacity 213% greater than the shortest (80 mm). To reduce instances of splitting in the timber end distance was varied. Optimum end distance of 42mm (3.5d(r)) was identified with further increase having minimal impact upon overall strength.
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