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Cawley, M.E., Gaffey, S.M., Gillmor, D.A.
Anatolia: an International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research
The role of quality tourism and craft SMEs in rural development: evidence from the Republic of Ireland
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Quality SMEs; Tourism enterprises; Handcrafts; Rural development; Republic of Ireland
Niche industries such as handcrafts production and rhal tourism services, particularly those which may be defined as ‘quality’. are being assigned increased importance in national and EU rural developmnt policies. Yet relatively little attention has been devoted to quality enterprises in the research literature to date. This paper reviews recent evidence relating to the formation and growth of 99 small and medium-size quality tourism and handcrafts enterprises in two regions in Western Ireland. The characteristics of the entrepreneurs, features of the businesses and the role of support agencies are discussed in the context of the production and marketing of quality products and services. Businesses are clustered on the basis of key actions and outcomes and similarities and contrasts Ween regions and industrial sectors are discussed.
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FAIR3 project funding
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy