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Garrett, PM
International Social Work
Disrupting, destabilising and declassifying: Jacques Ranciere's potential contribution to social work
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Philosophy police politics reflection resistance LANGUAGE PATIENT
Jacques Ranciere's main philosophical thematic preoccupations stem from an understanding that human beings are equal in all respects. This article is a short introduction to key conceptual formulations central within his diverse body of work. Ranciere prompts us to think more critically about how people are apt to be fixed in particular political and cultural locations. His philosophical perspective on police' and politics' pivots on a subversive endeavour to dis-order dominant ways of perceiving the world and the roles which groups and individuals are expected to fulfil. Ranciere also furnishes a range of concepts which can be fruitfully disruptive of particular fields and the more encompassing economic and political frameworks in which they are located. On account of his engagement with these themes, it is argued that Ranciere's work may aid social workers' critical reflection.
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