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Khoo, S. (2011)
NAMCHRCD/ICRC Cultures in support of humanity conference
Educating within culture and human rights: what can a capabilities approach add?
International Refereed Conference
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Human rights and capabilities approaches have moved closer together in recent years, with human rights approaches highlighting the importance of values, while capability emphasises the ‘substantive freedoms and opportunities’ of individuals and groups (Vizard, Fukuda-Parr & Elson 2011). Education is a core socio-economic and cultural right, and is regarded as one of three ‘immediate action areas’ for realizing the Right to Development - in turn the integrating vector for interdependent and indivisible rights (Sengupta 2002; UN 1986). Yet, until recently, there have been relatively few studies applying human rights and capability approaches in the field of education (Saito, 2003).  Recent clarifications of the content of the right to education have taken a comprehensive approach to human rights education that moves beyond education about human rights, to encompass education for and through human rights. Indeed, it has been argued that human rights in education is an essential prerequisite for human rights education (Tomasevski, 2004). The UN’s adoption of a World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005) and UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training (2011) represent further milestones embedding a wide and deep understanding of human rights education as the crucial vehicle for the development, promotion and realization of a universal culture of human rights.
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