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Bisagni, Jacopo
Études Celtiques
Les gloses inédites en Vieux-Breton et Vieil-Anglais dans Orléans 182
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In his Dictionnaire des gloses en Vieux-Breton, Léon Fleuriot pointed out the presence of a single, undoubtedly Breton gloss in the manuscript Orléans 182, written possibly at Fleury around AD 900. A new analysis of this manuscript (which contains a substantial number of commentaries and glosses concerning nearly all the books of the Old and New Testament) shows that the vernacular glosses are in fact more numerous: this article offers a discussion of eight newly discovered glosses – five in Old Breton and three in Old English. Moreover, the study of a select number of passages (mostly found in the long commentary on Genesis that opens this exegetical collection) indicates that these materials may have been originally compiled in a scriptorium of North-Western France, and also reveals possible textual connections with the biblical glosses attributed to the school of Theodore and Hadrian of Canterbury, as well as even stronger links with texts produced at the Carolingian school of Auxerre.
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