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Demaerel, W. and Hestand, M. S. and Vergaelen, E. and Swillen, A. and Lopez-Sanchez, M. and Perez-Jurado, L. A. and McDonald-McGinn, D. M. and Zackai, E. and Emanuel, B. S. and Morrow, B. E. and Breckpot, J. and Devriendt, K. and Vermeesch, J. R. and Antshel, K. and Arango, C. and Armando, M. and Bassett, A. and Bearden, C. and Boot, E. and Bravo-Sanchez, M. and Breetvelt, E. and Busa, T. and Butcher, N. and Campbell, L. and Carmel, M. and Chow, E. and Crowley, T. B. and Cubells, J. and Cutler, D. and Demaerel, W. and Digilio, M. C. and Duijff, S. and Eliez, S. and Emanuel, B. and Epstein, M. and Evers, R. and Fernandez Garcia-Moya, L. and Fiksinski, A. and Fraguas, D. and Fremont, W. and Fritsch, R. and Garcia-Minaur, S. and Golden, A. and Gothelf, D. and Guo, T. and Gur, R. and Gur, R. a
Nested Inversion Polymorphisms Predispose Chromosome 22q11.2 to Meiotic Rearrangements
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