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Farid, N,Chan, H,Milne, D,Brunton, A,O'Connor, GM
Applied Surface Science
Stress assisted selective ablation of ITO thin film by picosecond laser
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Selective pattering Partial ablation Damage threshold Stress assisted ablation INDIUM TIN OXIDE GLASS
Fast selective pattering with high precession on 175 nm ITO thin film with IR ps lasers is investigated. Ablation parameters are optimized with detailed studies on the scribed depth, topography, and particle generation using AFM and SEM. A comparison of 10 and 150 ps laser revealed that the shorter pulse (10 ps) laser is more appropriate in selective and partial ablation; up to 20 nm resolution for controlled depth with multipulses having energy below the damage threshold is demonstrated. The experimental results are interpreted to involve stress assisted ablation mechanism for the 10 ps laser while thermal ablation along with intense melting occurs for 150 ps laser. The transition between these regimes is estimated to occur at approximately 30 ps. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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