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Seoighthe, E. and Hynes, M.
Institute for Lifecourse and Society Research Day
An important platform for collaboration and developing cross-unit research activity and an essential step in building more meaningful links across reserch work
ILAS Centre, NUI Galway
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As cities worldwide endeavour to improve quality of life for inhabitants debates centred on mobility and transport are to the fore of policy, urban design and planning. The automobile radically transformed cities, not always for good. However, it is now clear that this model of increasing automobility is unsustainable. Urban citizens are coming to the same conclusion; they are better off with fewer cars and a new vision is required which sees people embracing sustainable transport and sharing public space to make cities more liveable. This awareness focuses on helping people get around using less space than cars through walking, cycling and public transport. By encouraging people to walk more we get the benefit of better personal health, and safer, more connected neighbourhoods and communities. Using data from Mobilities and Liveability in Galway, this paper seek a better understanding of issues relating to existing practices of walkability in Galway.
Social Science Research Centre (SSRC)
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy