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Cawley, M.
Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège
A strategic approach to protecting the sustainability of a natural heritage and tourism resource: the River Moy, Ireland
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holistic sustainability, salmon fishery, River Moy, Ireland, strategic approach
This paper discusses the natural heritage of the River Moy salmon fishery in western Ireland and methods of protecting the resource from negative innovations. The latter are associated, mainly, with changes in agricultural practices, land use and largescale construction projects. The paper uses concepts developed in the context of integrated rural tourism and recommends the adoption of a strategic approach to promote holistic sustainability. A strategic approach should include methods of using the resource that support the strategy and include local and extra-local networking. This framework was applied to analyse tensions between heritage protection and negative innovation on the River Moy, based on interviews with management and extensive documentary materials. The evidence reveals that many aspects of a strategic approach are followed and that ongoing networking is required.
DOI: 10.25518/0770-7576.4675
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