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Shearer, A,Butler, R,Redfern, RM,Cullum, M,Danks, AC
Astrophysical Journal
A search for the optical counterpart of the triple pulsar system PSR B1620-26 in M4
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binaries, close globular clusters, individual (M4) pulsars, individual (PSR B1620-26) techniques, photometric GLOBULAR-CLUSTER PHOTOMETRY COMPANION
We have performed photometry in B and V of the field of the triple system PSR B1620-26 in the globular cluster M4. Our images were taken with two two-dimensional imaging photon-counting detectors, which permitted deep exposures td be made without saturation. Photometry of the proposed optical counterpart of the second companion of PSR B1620-26 was obtained, yielding a magnitude V=21.30 +/- 0.08 and a color B - V = 1.32 +/- 0.20. The color index has not been successfully determined previously. These values locate the counterpart on the main sequence of the cluster color-magnitude diagram and lead to a mass determination that is consistent with a 0.48 M. cluster main-sequence star.
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