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Morrison, AP,Considine, L,Walsh, S,Cordero, N,Lambkin, JD,OConnor, GM,Daly, EM,Glynn, TJ,vanderPoel, CJ
Ieee Journal Of Quantum Electronics
Photoluminescence investigation of the carrier confining properties of multiquantum barriers
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AlGaInP multiquantum barriers photoluminescence measurement quantum-effect semiconductor devices quantum interference quantum wells semiconductor lasers QUANTUM-WELL LASERS TEMPERATURE-DEPENDENCE ELECTRON ALGAINP SUPERLATTICE CONFINEMENT EPITAXY GAINP MQB
A comparative luminescence study of two Ga-0.52 In0.48P-(Al0.5Ga0.5)(0.52)In0.48P single-quantum-well (SQW) samples with bulk and multiquantum barrier (MQB) barriers is presented, When excess carriers are only created in the quantum wells (QW's) of the samples by resonant excitation using a dye laser, the luminescence efficiency of both samples as a function of temperature is found to be essentially identical, We find, therefore, no evidence for any enhancement in the confining potential of the MQB sample over the bulk barrier sample, From Arrhenius plots of the intregrated luminescence intensity, it is found that carrier loss from the QW is dominated by a nonradiative loss mechanism with an activation energy considerably smaller than that expected from direct thermal loss of electrons and holes into the barriers. We suggest that the improved device characteristics reported for lasers containing MQB's is due to effects other than the quantum interference of electrons.
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