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Carroll, C., Guinan, N., Kinneen, L., Mulheir, D., Loughnane, H., Higgins, E., Boyle, E., Mullarney, M., Joyce, O., & Lyons, R.
International Journal Of Speech-Language Pathology
Social participation for people with communication disability in coffee shops and restaurants is a human right.
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Article 19; Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, participation, adults with communication disability.
Although Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has a right to freedom of opinion and expression”, for people with communication disability this may not be a reality. This commentary shares a practical example of how people with communication disabilities together with speech–language pathology (SLP) students, academics and clinical staff co-designed and co-implemented a Communication Awareness Training Programme for catering staff to enable communication access in coffee shops and restaurants. This is an example of how SLPs can embrace their social responsibility to break down barriers for people with communication disabilities. This commentary shares the reflections of those involved and how they felt empowered because they had learned new skills and made a difference. This commentary highlights the need for co-design and co-delivery of programs to raise awareness of communication disability among catering staff and how the stories of people with communication disabilities served as a catalyst for change. It also highlights the need for SLPs to move intervention to a social and community space.
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