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McCarthy, JC,Fallon, E,Bannon, L
International Journal Of Human-Computer Studies
Dialogues on function allocation
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Irish poet Seamus Heaney, reflecting on the co-existence of industry and agriculture, the acorn and the rusted bolt, the engine shunting and the trotting horse in Derry when he was growing up, asks:Is it any wonder when I thought I would have second thoughts?His dialogical sensibility to "both-and", Derry as both industrial and agricultural, modern and traditional, left Heaney "suffering the limits of each claim" (Heaney, 1998, p. 295). This discomfort with limiting "either-or" claims on descriptions of a personal history reminds us of the dialogicality of people's meaning making (McCarthy & O'Connor, 1999). Given that dialogicality, is it any wonder that thoughts steal second thoughts? (C) 2000 Academic Press.
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