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Andersson, KG,Fogh, CL,Byrne, MA,Roed, J,Goddard, AJH,Hotchkiss, SAM
Health Physics
Radiation dose implications of airborne contaminant deposition to humans
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modeling dose assessment aerosols accidents, nuclear radioactivity, airborne PARTICLE-SIZE DISTRIBUTIONS SKIN CONTAMINATION EXPOSURE AEROSOL IODINE I-131
In nuclear accident consequence assessment, dose contributions from radionuclide deposition on the human body have in the past generally been either ignored or estimated on the basis of rather simple models. Recent experimental work has improved the state of knowledge of relevant processes and parameter ranges. The results presented in this paper represent a first approach to a detailed assessment of doses from radiopollutant deposition on the human body, based on contaminant-specific data. Both the dose to skin from beta-emitters and the whole-body dose from gamma-emitters on body surfaces were found to give potentially significant contributions to dose. Further, skin penetration of some contaminants could lead to significant internal doses.
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