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Derwent, RG,Ryall, DB,Jennings, SG,Spain, TG,Simmonds, PG
Atmospheric Environment
Black carbon aerosol and carbon monoxide in European regionally polluted air masses at Mace Head, Ireland during 1995-1998
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aethalometer black carbon aerosol carbon monoxide European emissions OZONE ATTENUATION PARTICLES EMISSION MODEL GASES
Continuous measurements of black carbon aerosol (BCA) at the Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Ireland show the occurrence of dramatically elevated concentrations when regionally polluted air masses are advected to the station. These occurrences correlate well with similar elevations in carbon monoxide and a wide range of other trace gases monitored near-simultaneously with the BCA. Using daily sector allocation and a sophisticated Lagrangian dispersion model, two independent estimates of the European emission source strength of BCA that are required to explain the Mace Head observations have been made. The best estimates of the UK and European emission source strengths of BCA are 46+/-14 and [(482-511)+/-140] x 10(3) tonnes yr(-1), respectively, and these estimates compare favourably with published inventories, at least to within +/-25%, though they are considerably smaller than the emissions employed in some early global climate model studies. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
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