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Ryan, G., Brady, S., Holloway, J., & Lydon, H.
Journal Of Intellectual Disabilities
Increasing appropriate conversation skills using a behavioral skills training package with adults with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder
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Autism Spectrum Disorder; Adults; Social Interaction; Conversation Skills; Behavioral Skills Training
The current research evaluated the effectiveness of a behavioral skills training package used to increase appropriate conversation interactions for six adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Deficits in the area of social skills can become a significant feature for individuals with disabilities and in particular for those with ASD. A multiple probe design across participant dyads was employed to examine the effects of the intervention on conversation interactions. The behavioral skills training package (BST) was delivered in small group instruction and included; (i) instructions about having a conversation, (ii) modeling a conversation, (iii) practicing a conversation, and (iv) feedback on performance during each session. Results indicated that BST was effective for increasing appropriate conversation interactions for all six participants, and maintenance was evident four weeks post intervention. The findings are discussed in relation to the importance for social interactions and communication amongst this population.
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