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Sun, YT,Grimes, S
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
The actors and relations in evolving networks: The determinants of inter-regional technology transaction in China
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Technology transaction Inter-regional network Social network analysis Quadratic Assignment Procedure (QAP) Centrality RESEARCH COLLABORATION ABSORPTIVE-CAPACITY INNOVATION PROXIMITY EVOLUTION SPILLOVERS CENTRALITY FRAMEWORK EUROPE
This paper investigates the actors- and relations-based mechanisms within the evolutionary process of inter-regional network using a unique database of China's technology transaction between regions. The results show that a focal region's level of technological and economic development has a significantly positive influence on its network position, and the narrow economic and technology gap between two regions has a positive influence on inter-regional technology transactions, although the evidence for the economic gap's influence is weak. That is, technological and economic factors could influence the evolutionary process of inter-regional networking based on technology transactions at the actor and relation level besides geographical proximity and preferential attachment.
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