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Kelly, M,Murphy, A
Medical Teacher
An evaluation of the cost of designing, delivering and assessing an undergraduate communication skills module
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Communication skills courses are considered expensive to run in terms of time, human resource and finance. This paper reports on the financial cost of designing, delivering and assessing a communication skills module delivered to fifth-year medical students. Costs are classified into three categories: personnel, standardized patients and administrative. The total cost attributable to the design and delivery of the Communication Skills Module was epsilon8987, comprising epsilon7900 personnel costs, epsilon960 standardized patient costs and epsilon127 administrative costs. The total cost for assessing communication skills by an OSCE was epsilon7223. This comprised epsilon5309 personnel costs, epsilon1600 standardized patient costs and epsilon314 administrative costs. As communication skills are often taught by smaller faculty departments, such as that of general practice, justification of financial outlay is crucial. As doctor-patient communication is a generic skill, consideration needs to be given to reducing the burden of cost borne by the individual department providing the teaching.
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