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Maher, C.A., Carey, J.G.J., Mulkeen, C.J., Williams, C.D., Knutson, L.V., Healy, M.G., Gormally, M.J.
Dipterist Digest
Diagnostic definitions and figures of male and female Tetanocera punctifrons and T. latifibula, new records of T. punctifrons in Ireland, and notes on biology (Diptera, Sciomyzidae).
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The presence of Tetanocera punctifrons Rondani, 1868 in Ireland is reconfirmed. The species is distinguished from the very similar T. latifibula Frey, 1924. The female abdomens of both species are described for the first time. The distributions of both species are summarised. The history of type examinations and of taxonomistsÂ’ conceptions of the two species is tracked, especially the relative reliability of published figures of diagnostic features. We emphasise the need for such analyses of rare and closely related species, even if apparently disjunct in distribution. Habitats of T. punctifrons and T. latifibula are described, and the biology and morphology of the immature stages are compared.
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Environment, Marine and Energy