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Dockrell, S,Fallon, E,Kelly, M,Masterson, B,Shields, N
School children's use of computers and teachers' education in computer ergonomics
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school children computer ergonomics teacher education
A national survey to investigate the education of teachers in computer-related ergonomics was carried out by postal questionnaire. The use of computers by primary school children (age 4-12 years) was also investigated. Data were collected from a random sample of 25% (n = 830) of primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. Questionnaires (n 1863) were returned from 416 schools giving a response rate of 50.1%. Almost all schools (99.7%) had computers for children's use. The computers were most often (69.8%) used in the classroom. The majority (56.3%) of children worked in pairs. Most teachers (89.6%) had received computer training, but few (17.6%) had received ergonomics information during the training. Respondents were not satisfied with their current knowledge of ergonomics. Over 90% stated that they would like to receive further information by printed format or during a training course, rather than by computer (web or CD-ROM).
DOI 10.1080/00140130701585438
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