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Grehan, AJ, van den Hove, S, Armstrong, CW, Long, R, van Rensburg, T, Gunn, V, Mikkelsen, E, De Mol, B, Hain, S
HERMES Promoting Ecosystem-Based Management and the Sustainable Use and Governance of Deep-Water Resources
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HERMES is much more than a scientific research project. The overall goal of the project is to improve the scientific basis for the sustainable use of Europe's offshore resources with due regard for the need to conserve vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems. This objective is being achieved through the development of a number of tools and approaches specifically aimed at providing information that can be used directly by resource managers and policymakers. To address issues pertinent to sustainable management in the deep sea, HERMES brought together people from the natural and social sciences to ensure that coherent and realistic policy support is forthcoming. Given the sense of urgency arising from evidence of damage to vulnerable ecosystems in the deep sea, HERMES has placed a high priority on linking with stakeholders and on the timely delivery of appropriate policy advice as relevant new science becomes available. Here, we review sonic HERMES initiatives that support implementation of a more holistic ecosystem approach to the management of offshore resources and conservation of vulnerable marine ecosystems.
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