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Garrett, PM
British Journal Of Social Work
Questioning Habermasian Social Work: A Note on Some Alternative Theoretical Resources
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Social theory Bourdieu Bakhtin Gramsci DISCOURSE
It has been maintained that the social theory of Jurgen Habermas may assist social workers, and others, involved in child protection and related forms of endeavour. Whilst welcoming Hayes and Houston's willingness to utilize social theory, it is argued that Habermas' work is also problematic because of an unsatisfactory approach to issues connected to power differentials. In this context, it will be suggested that there is a need to be wary about the emphasis which Habermas places on the possibilities for unconstrained dialogue. Moreover, the work of a number of other European writers may help to illuminate key factors which Habermas neglects and also provide alternative theoretical resources for social workers and those working in associated fields.
DOI 10.1093/bjsw/bcn026
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