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O'Connell, K,Fennell, J,Callaghan, J,Rowaiye, B,Cormican, M
Irish Journal Of Medical Science
A fatal case of Pasteurella multocida epiglottitis
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Fatal Pasteurella multocida Epiglottitis ADULTS
Pasteurella multocida, a Gram-negative bacillus, is rarely associated with acute respiratory infections.To describe a case of fatal P. multocida epiglottitis.A 52-year-old gentleman developed a sore throat and died suddenly within an hour of seeing his general practitioner. Post-mortem findings were consistent with death due to laryngeal obstruction associated with epiglottitis and laryngopharyngitis. A swab taken from the epiglottis for culture was positive for P. multocida.Physicians should be aware of the potential for acute deterioration in adults with acute epiglottitis.
DOI 10.1007/s11845-009-0396-3
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