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Martin, D,Nickless, G,Price, CS,Britter, RE,Neophytou, MK,Cheng, H,Robins, AG,Dobre, A,Belcher, SE,Barlow, JF,Tomlin, AS,Smalley, RJ,Tate, JE,Colvile, RN,Arnold, SJ,Shallcross, DE
Atmospheric Science Letters
Urban tracer dispersion experiment in London (DAPPLE) 2003: field study and comparison with empirical prediction
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dispersion DAPPLE perfluorocarbons POLLUTANT FLOW AIR
The DAPPLE (Dispersion of Air Pollutants and their Penetration into the Local Environment) project seeks to characterise near-field urban atmospheric dispersion using a multidisciplinary approach. In this paper we report on the first tracer dispersion experiment carried out in May 2003. Results of concurrent meteorological measurements are presented. Variations of receptor tracer concentration with time are presented. Meteorological observations suggest that in-street channelling and flow-switching at intersections take place. A comparison between roof top and surface measurements suggest that rapid vertical mixing occurs, and a comparison between a simple dispersion model and maximum concentrations observed are presented. Copyright (C) 2010 Royal Meteorological Society
DOI 10.1002/asl.282
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