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Thakral, R,Kaar, K,McHugh, PE,Brennan, W,Lalor, S
European Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Traumatology
"Weber B" bilateral malleolus fracture and interfragmentary screw placement: a cadaveric study
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ankle fracture lateral malleolus cadaver study interfragmentary screw biomechanical stability LATERAL MALLEOLUS FIXATION
Aim A study was performed on cadaver ankles to assess the biomechanical stability of two different ways of interfragmentary screw fixation for lateral malleolus fracture of the ankle.Materials and methods Ten ankles from five female cadavers were used. The distal fibulae were osteotomized at the level of the syndesmosis with a saw and the fracture fixations were divided into two groups. In Group I, the fractures were fixed with traditional antero-posterior cortical screws and in Group II, the contralateral fractures from the same cadaver were fixed with postero-anterior cortical screws. The distal fibulae in both groups were subjected to biomechanical compression and torsion forces and the force at which the fixation gave way was recorded.Results In the former group, the breaking force was significantly lower than that required in the latter group by a mean of 0.4 kN.Conclusion The fixation done in Group II was found to be better.
DOI 10.1007/s00590-007-0225-1
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