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Passant, A,Laublet, P,Breslin, JG,Decker, S
International Journal On Semantic Web And Information Systems
A URI is Worth a Thousand Tags: From Tagging to Linked Data with MOAT
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Enterprise 2.0 Linked Data MOAT SIOC Social Web Tagging User-Generated Content SOCIAL NETWORKS FOLKSONOMY SEMANTICS WEB
Although tagging is a widely accepted practice on the Social Web, it raises various issues like tags ambiguity and heterogeneity, as well as the lack of organization between tags. We believe that Semantic Web technologies can help solve many of these issues, especially considering the use of formal resources from the Web of Data in support of existing tagging systems and practices. In this article, we present the MOAT-Meaning Of A Tag-ontology and framework, which aims to achieve this goal. We will detail some motivations and benefits of the approach, both in an Enterprise 2.0 ecosystem and on the Web. As we will detail, our proposal is twofold: It helps solve the problems mentioned previously, and weaves user-generated content into the Web of Data, making it more efficiently interoperable and retrievable.
DOI 10.4018/jswis.2009081904
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